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A Cheeky Monkey who stole bananas. 5 mins Bedtime Story Free

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Written by: Suhel Shabhai

Once Upon a time there was a cheeky monkey. Who loved to eat bananas. Monkey used to eat all bananas at home and never leave any bananas for his family members. His little sister and parents always used to tell him eat only one banana a day, however he never listened to them.

After eating so many bananas, Cheeky Monkey still wanted to eat more bananas. So he went to a fruit shop and he stole bananas, however cheeky monkey didn't know that there was a hidden camera in the fruit shop. Later during that day a fruit shop owner checked camera footage and he found out that cheeky monkey stole bananas from his shop, he got very angry and went to the cheeky monkey's house.

when the shopkeeper rang a house bell, cheeky monkey's father came out and asked " what happened shopkeeper, you look angry?" the shop keeper replied "your son stole bananas from my shop" and I have a video footage of it to show you". Cheeky monkey's father was really embarrassed" and he said" I am really sorry shopkeeper" The Shop keeper replied "I will report your son to police for stealing bananas from my shop". After hearing this conversation cheeky monkey came out and he was very scared as he thought he will be sent to jail. Father monkey begged to shop keeper to forgive his son and he will pay money for bananas he has stolen.

The shop keeper calmed down and took money from his father monkey and left. Father monkey said to cheeky monkey if you do this again then police will surely put you in jail. The cheeky monkey was really scared and promised his dad that he will never steal again.

Next day cheeky monkey went to fruit shop and paid money to buy bananas, while he was returning home with bananas in his hands, another cheeky monkey came and snatched bananas from his hands and ran away. Cheeky Monkey went home without bananas and he was very sad. 'what happened Son, you look sad?' Asked Father Monkey. Cheeky Monkey said 'someone stole my bananas, dad" and I don't know why this happened to me, this has never happened to me before" said Cheeky Monkey.

Father Monkey smiled and said " look son, if you do something bad to someone then something bad will happen to you" that's the rule of nature. "oh I see, so this happened to me because I stole bananas yesterday from that fruit shop, I will be always careful of not doing any naughty things anymore" said Cheeky Monkey.

Father Monkey smiled and said "you are no longer a cheeky Monkey, from now on you are a wise monkey" and then both smiled.

Moral of story:

Do good things and good things will come back to you, if you do bad things then bad things will come back to you, sooner or later.

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