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  • Build your domain Authority.

  • Boost your Website SEO Rank.

  • All links are do follow on blogs, which will help you in getting backlinks or link building for your website's SEO. Normally most Social Media Websites have Nofollow links, which means when you post a link you won't get referral or backlink from those websites. To find out if the website provides backlink, simply highlight and right click on any link posted by user then click inspect and if you see rel="nofollow" that means it doesn't provide backlink and if you don't see nofollow that means that website do provide backlinks. Backlink is one of the most important ranking factor on google. Hottstocks blogs provides backlink to guest writers. 

  • Boost your Earnings through affiliate marketing by posting guest posts or blogs or articles and add your affiliate links into your blogs.

  • Drive traffic to your website.

  • Write Blogs for free without having a website.

  • Build Your blogger profile.

  • Get your post indexed on google search and on other search engines and receive traffic.

  • Promote your products, service or business for free by writing related blogs. Do not just advertise and spam. Make sure your blog is genuine. Your blog should be informative and solve problems of readers. Provide genuine reasons how your products or services can solve problems of readers. Do not make false claims in your blogs.

Extra Benefits to active writers.

Writers with 5-10 or more quality blogs on hottstocks will get below benefits.

We will add high ranking keywords to their blogs.

We will get backlinks for their blogs using our resources.

We will promote their blogs on Social Media.

Quality blogs needs to have minimum 1500 words. 

Guest Post Submission guidelines.

  • Write minimum 1200 words in your blog, more words are in your post will help your post rank higher on google. 3000-6000 words may perform better. Google may not index or may  not rank your post if the post is too short. Write more blogs on diversified topics to build all types of Audiences.

  • Do not spam with too many advertisements, as it may deliver poor user experience to readers and they may leave your blog without reading. 

  • Avoid keyword stuffing as google may penalize your post URL and remove it.

  • Use compressed images or videos to make your post page load faster. Users normally leave within first few seconds if the page is too slow to load.

  • Write title and keywords in ALT Text section in images. You can do it by clicking the image you uploaded, then click settings icon and type keywords in ALT section. It will help you to index on google images and get traffic from google images. 

  • Do not copy and paste from other sources without permission. Do not upload copyrighted material such as photos or videos as google will detect it. Try uploading materials which have no copyright issues. If you have to use it then provide link source next to the content and give credit to that source.

  • Write informative and problem solving posts and readers will return to read more blogs or articles posted by you.

  • Write unique posts to attract readers.

  • Create clear and concise blogs.

  • Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes. Use tools or MS Word to check any mistakes before publishing. 

  • Before you start writing on your favorite topic check competition and volume on google keyword planner. Check long term trend about your topic on google trends. You would need low competition, high volume to get good amount of traffic. Google doesn't show keyword difficulty, even if you find a keyword with low competition on google ads, still that particular keyword may not rank your post higher. To solve this you need to check keyword difficulty, which you can check for free from Keyword difficulty means numbers of backlinks you need for the keyword. Try to find "easy" keyword on ahrefs. Use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have higher conversion rate. You can rank top with few backlinks or without backlink and beat your competitors who have so many backlinks, for that you have to write quality content with maximum number of words(2000-6000) and by including long tail keywords with low keyword difficulty. Remember you need backlinks for your every posts or urls not just for your domain.

  • Write informative and problem solving posts and include related advertisements or affiliate links to boost your earnings.

  • Include links of your other related posts or informative post links into your blogs to attract readers to your other blogs. Do not post the whole link, instead place the title of your other blogs in your new blog and highlight the title text and insert the link in link section at the top menu of post.

  • All posts sitemaps will be submitted on google as soon as possible, check after few days if your post is visible on google. Type your post title followed by hottstocks in google search to find it. 

  • Collaborate with other bloggers with related topics as yours on hottstocks and ask them if your post is related to their post and they would like to refer your post link into their post which may help their readers.

  • Use header tags for better SEO of your post. To use header tag simply highlight the text, right click and select heading 2 for sub heading or for paragraph, you can also use heading 3 for sub-sub heading or for paragraph. You don't need to do anything for title of your post, header tags have been already applied as default on titles of your post. 

  • Publish your blog links on your own website to get maximum traffic.(If you have any website)

  • Keep writing guest blogs on hottstocks blogs to keep your followers engaged with your posts.


Topics & Categories that are not allowed on hottstocks blogs.

Weapons, drugs, sex and nudity, alcohol, Gambling, banking(any products, companies, deals with interest, leverage), Insurance, fashion, Music, TV shows, movies, celebrities, Promoting political parties or groups, Religion(religious material and photographs), religious groups. Hate speech, racism, discriminative contents(including text, videos, images) are not allowed in blogs. Topics "against" hate speech and racism, discrimination, child abuse, human trafficking, Social injustice are allowed.

How to start writing guest posts on

Step 1: go to Sign up page, complete sign up form and select "add me as a guest writer" then select you "agree" with guest post submission guidelines(make sure you have read and understood submission guidelines)

Step 2: Once successfully signed up, After verifying You will receive an email with invitation link from us, accept the invitation then click on "Blogs & Articles " or click on the "blogs & article button from the top menu, then click on "Create a post" button on blogs page  to start writing a blog post. You will not be able to write blogs/see "create a post button", if you don't accept the invitation from invitation link. If the link is expired or  If you face any technical difficulties please email us here.

NOTE: Please do not submit your blogs into forums, links in forums are no follow. Please publish your blogs into blogs & article section and not into forum.

Read Tips: How to write SEO friendly blog posts on hottstocks?

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If you are an inexperienced writer or blogger then don't worry you can start writing now we will provide you updates if your guest posts need some improvements. Your writing skills will improve time by time once you start practicing it.

Note: If you need to add a new blog category then please send us a message. 

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