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Between Two Worlds(2021)


Parisian journalist Marianne Winckler goes undercover in the world of temporary and precarious work, applying to work a series of menial jobs including a position as a cleaning lady aboard a ferry service between Ouistreham and Portsmouth.

Sergio Troncoso: I wanted to create an anthology that focused on the liminal existence that is so essential to the Mexican American experience: living between worlds, languages, cultures and even psychologies. This "middle ground" of Nepantla deserves its own authenticity and recognition, and is a place that can unleash as much creativity as it does frustration when navigating and choosing your identity. Nepantla is also a universal experience, so this idea of the middle ground should appeal to readers even if they are not Mexican American.

I think the best advice is to read widely. Mexican American writers are publishing in small magazines, in the New Yorker, and everything in between. I meet writers at conferences, I invite them to speak or teach at Yale, I meet them online, and I am constantly asking for recommendations.

Second, El Paso has been a crossroads for how the United States approaches, interacts and even vilifies Latin America and its immigrants; the city is the Ellis Island of the South. This place is rich in linguistic creativity, the contradictions and possibilities of immigration, and the liminal existence of Nepantla, living in between worlds.

Inspired by the use of stacked perspective in Persian miniature painting and her experiences growing up and living in Iran (where personal freedom remains severely constrained) compared to her life today in America, Arghavan Khosravi's clever, three-dimensional artworks offer a sense of feeling trapped between two worlds.

The Paul Klee, between two worlds exhibition is co-produced with the Zentrum Paul Klee (Berne). The event is accompanied by a catalogue published by Flammarion in German and French (with texts by Fabienne Eggelhöfer, Osamukuda, Sébastien Delot, Jeanne-Bathilde Lacourt, Savine Faupin, Christophe Boulanger, Maria Stavrinaki and Morad Montazami).

Every color, each dot, and each feather held significance. His personal trademark was the roll-of-hair symbol of the Navajo people, below which he would sign his name and date the painting. The hair roll held a meaning which could aptly be applied to his personal life as well: between two worlds. 59ce067264


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