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Uber Passenger Rating, Dos and Don'ts, DiDi, Ola

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Yes you are being rated by drivers. I have experienced that about 75% of riders are not aware that they are being rated by drivers. Every ride sharing platform has passenger rating system. Driver has to rate passenger after completing trip to be able to accept next trip request. I am going to share some tips for riders how to get higher rating. The best average rating of rider is between 4.75 to 4.9. it is almost impossible to get average 5 star rating, so if your rating is between 4.8 and 4.9 then you are an excellent rider. If your rating is between 4.6 to 4.7 then you are an "ok" rider. Any rating less than 4.6 is a poor rating. If your rating drops too low then a ride sharing provider may terminate your account permanently. Drivers normally rejects trip requests from riders with ratings with lower than 4.6.

Normally when rider opens up a new account they get default 5 star rating. if you get rated 4 stars when your account is new with not many trips done on it, then your rating will drop significantly as average rating gets calculated by total trips/total rated trips = Average rating, more trips you have done on your account more stable your rating will be. Remember 4 star is a low rating in Ola, DiDi and Uber.

DiDi drivers can un-match riders, so they won't get anymore trip requests from un-matched riders, You may be in the area where no cars are available and only that driver is available however you won't be able to book him if that driver un-matched you before.

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How to get a higher rider rating?

1. Respect Driver.

Many riders treat drivers like a slave, never greets, talks rudely, never say please or thank you etc. Treat how you want to be treated. Imagine if someone behaves like that to you then how would you feel about it? would you make them a cup of tea? No definitely not. If you don't respect driver then you will get rated between 1 to 4 stars, depends on how unhappy the driver is about the rider's behavior.

2. Do not make driver wait.

Drivers normally get frustrated when they have to wait long for rider because your pickup location may be in a busy area with no parking available, on busy highway or street with no stopping. Many times the trip is too short like only 5 minutes and rider makes them wait 5 minutes. Always track how far the driver is and be ready on pickup location to get into the car.

3. Do not eat or drink in the car.

Avoid eating or drinking in the car even if you tell the driver that you won't make a mess, as the food will leave smell in the car and the next rider would rate driver low for a smelly car. Carrying an open alcohol beverages in a car is illegal in Australia and driver and riders both could get fine.

4. Do not discuss sensitive topics with the driver.

Avoid discussing about politics, religion, race, etc. Many driver may be ok with that but you never know what driver is feeling about it.

5. Avoid asking Driver Where are you from?

Some drivers may be ok with that questions but many driver are not ok with that question. They may think that you are a racist person. May be your intention is not bad however its better not to take a risk asking that question.

6. Asking Driver to Play Music in the car.

Driver may be ok when you request to play music or radio in the car. If you want to connect your phone with car to play music then do it before the trip starts, when the car is not moving, do not ask driver when the car is moving. Do not ask driver to change radio stations when the car is moving. Do not ask driver to put the volume too high. Do not ask driver to play music when the trip is too short. The best idea is to use your head phone to avoid all hassles. This issue is common amongst the young riders.

7. Do not ask Driver to break road rules.

Most common one is to ask driver to take illegal U turn. Be aware of road rules and do not ask driver to take an illegal U turn. Do not ask drivers to go over the speed limit. Do not ask to speed up and go through an orange traffic light.

8. Putting pressure on driver to hurry up.

If you are late to work or to anywhere else its not a driver's fault. Drivers do not like unnecessary pressure on them. You need to be ready on time and book trip earlier.

9. Requesting a trip under your account for others.

Avoid booking a trip under your account when you are travelling with others who are very intoxicated, not well behaved or doing anything I have mentioned above. It will effect your rider rating and put your account at risk. If you have no choice booking a trip under your account then ask other riders to behave nicely during the trip.

10. Damaging or dirtying a car.

Do not make mess in the car, if you are in a work uniform and make sure your uniform is clean and won't make car dirty. Do not leave rubbish in car, do not eat or drink. Make sure you are not doing anything which can damage the vehicle such as scratches on seats or on interior.

11. Do not smoke or Vape in car.

Its a common sense to not to smoke in car. Some riders do request to vape and some drivers are ok with it and some drivers may be not ok with it, even if they allows you to do so. It leaves the smell, driver do not want to inhale the smoke. If you are smoking before the trips starts make sure you do not bring smoke inside the car as it leaves the smell inside the car and next rider may think that driver was smoking inside the car.

12. Do not bang car doors.

Do not bang car doors, just be gentle when you close the door. It could make driver angry and rate you low.

13. Resolving a conflict with the Uber driver.

Prevention is better than cure, avoid getting into conflict. If you have made a mistake then apologize to driver. If driver made a mistake then tell driver don't worry and its all good, depends how big is the mistake. At the end of the trip wish the driver good luck, say "thank you for dropping me home", "it was a nice trip" etc. if you can tip the driver tell the driver that you will tip him. This will resolve the conflict between you and driver.

14. Cancel trips with drivers with low ratings.

Avoid doing trips with low rated drivers as they are bad drivers with bad attitude and highly likely they will rate you low regardless of how good you are, So cancel the trip within 3 minutes so you won't get charged cancelation fees. The driver with low rating may be a new driver and a good driver, somebody rated him unfairly, however it would very hard for you to know. Driver rating below 4.7 is a poor rating.

15. Avoid rating low to drivers over little things.

There are riders and drivers both abuse rating system. They rate low for no reason or over little things. Remember drivers will be able to guess who rated them low and drivers can go back and change rider's rating from 5 stars to 2 stars or 3 stars. Drivers do a lot more trips than riders so they will be able to quickly improve their rating or if drivers has already done a lot of trips then your given rating won't effect much. Also riders who rate other drivers low over little things normally ends up with lower rating. Drivers highly likely will rate low to riders with low rating as they may think you are a trouble maker.

16. If you are too intoxicated.

Riders who are too intoxicated will have a higher chance of getting low rating. Most too Intoxicated riders do not have control over their behavior, they don't know what they are doing and they won't remember how they behaved during the trip. I had a passenger once he was too intoxicated and he became "a rapper" during a trip and created a rap song about me, him and car, one rider gave me a good shoulder massage and one rider started washing my car windows when we stopped at the servo for him. I am completely ok with these things, however some drivers might be not ok with that.

17. If you vomit in the car.

If you vomit in the car then you will be charged up to $250 cleaning fees. As driver cannot drive the car after that and will have to get the whole car steam cleaned. Normally Vomiting incidents happens from too intoxicated riders.

18. The driver is not invisible.

Many riders discuss sensitive personal issues over the phone or with other riders about work ,relationship, home, family etc. , which driver may not like it, driver may think you don't respect him or you don't think that he exist, or you don't care how would he feel about it and he just a driver? You can discuss after leaving car.

19. Don't be a back seat driver.

The bad news is 90% of time drivers will rate low if you are a back seat or next seat driver. Uber charges set amount, you may get charge little extra during the heavy traffic for using tolls. One very important thing I would like to share with you is Uber drivers loses money and not rider if they get stuck in the traffic, where in taxi if you get stuck in traffic then rider ends up paying a lot. That is the reason why Uber drivers don't like driving in area with high traffic.

I myself avoid accepting trips from high traffic area during peak hours, to make $10 it will take 20 minutes in high traffic area and It will take 10 minutes in low traffic area. Just seat back and relax, let the driver follow the map. Most of the time maps are correct as maps have live traffic updates. Sometimes the map is not accurate then you can help driver if asked.

20. Swearing and using inappropriate language.

This may be normal for you to swear but there are many drivers who do not like riders swearing or using offensive language. Many drivers come from different cultures and follow different beliefs and they cannot tolerate offensive language. Swearing is common amongst youngsters so choose your words wisely.

Above tips will help you in your Uber, Ola, DiDi passanger rating. Please share this post, subscribe and leave comments below

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