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Is it worth driving Uber XL, DiDi Max?

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Is it worth driving UberXL, Didi Max?

I am going to share my personal experience of driving Uber XL, DiDi Max in Sydney. Uber XL pays 60% more than UberX. To Drive UberXL You need a minimum 7 seater car not older than 15 years.

So is it worth driving an Uber XL?

Driving an Uber XL means You have to buy a larger car which means an expensive car with more maintenance cost and more fuel cost. I used to drive Camry hybrid and I can say my income has remained the same however expenses have gone up driving a 7 seater car.

How many UberXL trips requests per day?

I receive 95% UberX trips a day 2% UberXL and 3% Uber Comfort from all trip requests during a day. Most of time I am carrying one passenger in a seven seater car. I do not drive Uber Premier but you could guess it would be less than 1 percent considering above numbers.

Pros of Driving an UberXL.

1. You will get paid 60% more than UberX.

UberXL will only benefit you if you get long trips. If you receive short UberXL trips then it won't make much difference. For example UberX short trip pays you $10 then UberXL will pay you approx. $16 so just $6 more.

2. More Airport trips.

Many people will choose UberXL for airport because they have more luggage.

Cons of Driving an UberXL.

1. You will be lifting heavy suitcases.

Helping riders in placing their luggage in car is a complimentary service in uber, however many riders thinks its only a duty of driver. Many riders expect you to lift their 10 heavy bags by yourself and rider won't help you. There are many helpful riders who place their suitcases in car by themselves or at least they help you to lift. Sometimes I get UberXL short trips where rider is going to one hotel to another hotel, and the rider will ask you to lift their 10 heavy bags all by yourself for a $15 trip. If you continue doing that you are going to break your back and nobody cares. I don't feel shy asking riders to help me in lifting their heavy bags even if they don't like it.

2. Some Riders book UberXL to move houses.

I had some riders came with cupboard, surfboard, TV, Kitchen Items etc. Some riders filled my whole car with household items to move house next street which costed them $15 - $20 in UberXL, those riders misuse UberXL so they can save $200+ in hiring a Ute or a van and they expect you to help them moving their stuff. I started canceling these types of riders when I see they are trying to move house in my car. One person came with 56 inch TV and it left a deep scratch on interior of my new car, the damage was costed more than that fare and rideshare companies don't care about your damage.


In my opinion its best to just get a fairly new cheap sedan, reliable, low maintenance efficient car and just drive UberX and Uber Comfort.

Please share your experiences and stories below.

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