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Ali baba and the forty thieves. bedtime story.

This is a short bedtime story with moral about famous Alibaba and forty thieves for kids and adults, ages 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12+ years old. Reading time about 5 minutes.

In the ancient city of Baghdad, a notorious gang of thieves known as the "40 Thieves" terrorized the streets. Led by their cunning and charismatic leader, they were known for their audacious heists and ability to disappear without a trace.

The story begins with Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter who accidentally discovers the secret hideout of the thieves while wandering in the forest. He overhears their magical command phrase, "Open Sesame," which opens the entrance to their hidden treasure trove.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to improve his own life, Ali Baba decides to take a risk and enter the cave when the thieves are away. Inside, he is mesmerized by the vast amount of gold, jewels, and treasures that lay before him. Overwhelmed by his newfound wealth, Ali Baba takes a small portion of it back home.

Ali baba and the forty thieves. bedtime story.

However, his greedy brother Kassim learns about Ali Baba's secret and demands to know where he obtained such riches. Unable to resist temptation, Ali Baba reveals the location of the cave and teaches Kassim how to use the magical phrase.

Kassim's greed gets the better of him as he tries to take more than his fair share from the cave. Unfortunately for him, he forgets the command phrase to exit the cave and becomes trapped inside when the thieves return unexpectedly. The ruthless thieves discover Kassim's presence and brutally kill him.

Meanwhile, Morgiana, a clever slave girl who works for Ali Baba's family, suspects foul play when she notices kassim's absence. She investigates further and discovers his lifeless body in the cave. Morgiana quickly devises a plan to save her master from suffering a similar fate.

Using her wit and resourcefulness, Morgiana outsmarts each member of the gang one by one. She cleverly disguises herself as a dancer during one of their gatherings and manages to identify each thief by marking them with a red dot on their backs.

With the help of her master, Ali Baba, and the local authorities, Morgiana successfully captures and brings down the entire gang of thieves. The city rejoices as peace is restored, and Ali Baba is hailed as a hero for his bravery.

In the end, Ali Baba realizes the importance of honesty and integrity. He uses his newfound wealth to improve the lives of those around him, helping the poor and supporting local businesses. With Morgiana by his side, they build a prosperous and harmonious community that thrives for generations to come.

The tale of Alibaba and the 40 Thieves serves as a timeless reminder that greed leads to destruction while honesty and compassion bring true wealth and happiness.

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