Your Kids Safety vs Aggressive Drivers.

Recently two children were killed in hit and run car crash in Dubbo, NSW. I have witnessed many aggressive drivers in Sydney, specially when they are coming out of drive way. Many drivers reverses their car from driveway and its very hard to see kids as they are little. I have seen many bad drivers when they reverses their car they speed up as they are aggressive and arrogant. There have been many cases in last few years were kids were killed by this type of drivers. Drink driving is also a big issue in Australia many kids have been killed by drunk drivers in last few years. Many times parents go for a walk or for a bike ride with kids and they are at risk of run over by car due to carelessness of many car drivers.

How do you keep your kids safe from this type of incidents?

1.Teach your kids.

Do not underestimate your kids because you think they are little, they smarter than you think and they just need guidance. Spend time teaching your kids about how to keep themselves safe from cars or from anything else. Teach them to check driveways or streets before crossing. Teach them that cars can't see them as they are little. Explain them not to trust any car drivers blindly.

2. Monitor your kids all the time.

Whenever you go for a walk with your kids make sure they are walking behind you and near by you and not in front of you. So you can check first if any cars is coming out of drive way. Always keep your ears and mind open as more likely speeding cars will make lots of noise and you can alert your kids. Do not play with your phone and let kids go wherever they want. Always monitor speeding cars from far distance.

3. Avoid going for a walk on streets with your kids.

This is the best solution I would suggest to parents. If you want to take your kids for a walk or for a bike ride then better take them to park, this will give you a peace of mind and kids will be more safer there.

Please spend time teaching your kids about their safety or make up kids safety related stories and tell them so they will be more interested in listening to them.

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