Why you should use McAfee Anti-Virus Software?

Updated: Jan 20

This is a review about McAfee Anti-Virus Software. I was very impressed with McAfee after using it for few years. I used many anti-virus softwares but McAfee has some unique features. Buying a strong anti-virus will protect you from thousands of dollars loss and will give you peace of mind. If you want to buy free antivirus then think again why would someone offer you something for free? Does it really protect you completely? or Do you really want to take thousands of dollars worth of risk? When you buy something for free you basically just subscribing for their advertisements. I don't blame them we all are here to earn bread and butter to feed our families. You can't survive by giving things away for free.

Phishing Scam Detection:

Once I was trying to get a promo code from a website, when I clicked on the website McAfee alerted me that this is a phishing website. There are few different types of phishing scams. You may receive an email sometimes from scammers and you may think that's Facebook ,iTunes, PayPal or some other websites, but actually they are fake replica websites which exactly looks similar to the genuine website. As soon as you enter your personal details or payment details you get scammed by the scammers, they may steal your funds or personal details.

Virus and Spyware protection:

Pc Scan : You can run a quick, full, or customized scan to remove viruses, spyware, and other threats on your PC. So You get these viruses from dangerous websites, however McAfee has another feature which advices about particular website you are visiting.

Real-Time Scan: It Scans your files, programs, email, and IMs for threats each time you or your PC uses them. So while you are using you get alerts about threats. As an example if you download something from internet and if contains any virus McAfee will remove it instantly.

•Scheduled Scanning : It sets up periodic full scans of your PC. This feature you can use when you are away from your computer and you can schedule time of scanning. Also you don't have to remember to scan it if you set up a daily or weekly schedule.

Web and Email protection:

Personal Firewall: It Protects your PC against hackers who can hijacks your PC or steal your personal information. So you can enable or customized firewall depends on your requirements.

Anti-Spam: It Stops junk mails and phishing attacks from hijacking your inbox. As I mentioned what phishing scam is, you may have received emails claiming that you made a purchase and its from Paypal or Itunes, etc. So you will get Alert from McAfee that its a scam.

SiteAdvisor: It provides site safety ratings and reports so you know which sites are safe which aren't, before you visit or after clicking them. Many times I clicked on some random websites and McAfee alerted me that this website is Slightly Risky or Very Risky which protected me all the time from visiting those bad websites.

SiteAdvisor Plus: It provides site safety ratings and reports plus it checks links in your email and instant messages to keep you safe while you socialize online. Whenever I search on google McAfee shows me safety rating of the website and so I know I shouldn't visit unsafe websites.

Data Protection and Backup: If you have AntiVirus Plus, the protection drawer appears as Data Protection. This feature will protect your important data from virus and hackers.

Anti-Theft: This feature lets you lock files in secure digital vaults on your PC. so only you can have access into them. You may have very important files in your PC which you do not want to get stolen or do not want others to have access into them. Investing bit of money in software like McAfee is very good idea to protect your valuable files.

Online Backup: This feature lets you save your most important files online so that you can get to them from anywhere at any time. So incase if you computer or other devices fail you can backup from online.

Shredder: This feature Helps you permanently erase sensitive information from your PC. If you don't want sensitive information to be store on your device such as bank details, credit card details then this feature will help you to remove it from your computer.

Home Network Protection:

My Home Network: This feature gives you a bird's-eye view of PCs and devices on your network and lets you fix security issues on PCs running McAfee. If you have McAfee Total Protection, you can also use My Home Network to monitor intruders or hackers on your network. So you can protect your home internet from hackers by using this feature.

PC Optimization:

QuickClean: This feature helps improve your PC's performance by letting you erase unnecessary files. So if your computer is slow and full of unnecessary files then you can use QuickClean to improve performance of your computer.

Parental Controls:

Parental Controls— This feature lets you take control of what your family can see and do on the web. So if you want to protect your kids or family from visiting some bad website or nasty internet contents you can you use parental control feature in McAfee.

Please note that different plans have different features if you want all above feature then you will have to buy McAfee Total Protection. Click to Check it out