Why You Shouldn’t Use Hotcopper.com?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I am posting a review about Hotcopper in here. When I was a new Investor I started using hotcopper.com and after few years I found many reasons not to use hotcopper.com.

  1. People are using it to Pump and Dump.

When I was a newbie investor I started using hotcopper and I believe many newbie investors or traders signs up with hotcopper, also there are many experienced investors using hotcopper. After sometimes I realized that many users uses for ramping stocks up and down both. Many times newbies and experienced investors gets trapped or believe in their rumors and take their financial advice and because of that many newbie and experienced investors end up losing money or making wrong decisions. You might say "oh but I will be careful" however 99% users gets trapped and end up believing in them. Ask your self a question that Have you ever believed in some random hotcopper users stock suggestions? 99% would say Yes! I give you an example of one particular stock where the company has $2.10 billion debt and net assets is $1 billion, so that company has higher chances of getting liquidated, however one random user posted "This stock will fly after covid-19" and guess what? he had 10 likes! so its like a lost car driver is following another lost car driver. If a user posts different opinion, then bullish users will report his posts and get it moderated and you will be able to see only one sided view.

2. Hotcopper doesn't monitor Threads.

According to Hotcopper they do not monitor threads. That means some users post information which might be not true or unauthorized and it will stay there as it's not being monitored.

3. All posts or comments are properties of Hotcopper.

It means if user deactivates his or her account, still he or she won't be able to delete her or his posts as according to Hotcopper's policy all posts and analysis are properties of Hotcopper. So you spend your time and energy doing some awesome analysis and Hotcopper gets benefits from that.