Three Millionaire Maker ASX Gold Stocks for free.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

1. Big River Gold (BRV:ASX)

Big River Gold has 2.4 Moz Gold reserve at Borborema, Brazil and also owns unexplored tenement next to Borborema. BRV:ASX is currently seeking funding to start development of Gold Mine and it will be concluded by end of 2020 and aiming for gold production in 2021. Insiders owns 71% of Big River Gold shares and the top holder owns about 40%, which shows the management’s strong confidence in BRV, currently it's on sale with over 70% discount in my opinion. BRV:ASX is willing to expand their tenements in next 4200 SqKm area in the future.

2. Bardoc Gold Ltd (BDC:ASX)

Bardoc Gold has about 2.9 Moz gold reserve at Gold Project in Western Australia. The company is aiming to complete DFS in the first quarter of 2021 and also planning to begin construction and gold production during third quarter of 2021.

3. Golden State Mining (GSM:ASX)

Golden State Mining(GSM:ASX) is currently exploring their Yule South Project, which is about 13 km away from (DEG:ASX) De Grey Mining Ltd 's Hemi Gold Discovery, which took DEG:ASX share price from 5 cents to $1.6 within just 6 months. GSM:ASX has only 50 million total shares on issue with Market cap of just $13 million. GSM:ASX is expecting to provide drill results in November 2020. If GSM:ASX hits similar results as DEG:ASX then it can give fantastic return, However this is just speculation based on Nearology, so there is a risk vs reward.

Also remember not to put all the eggs in the same Basket. Diversify your portfolio with different industries. It will be good to hold above mentioned stocks for medium to long term.

Note: This is not a financial advice make your own decision.