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Three Corona Bargain stocks for Free.

Covid-19 has created uncertainty around the world. The Megastar Corona Virus has become so popular in just one year that even 5 year old kids knows Corona very well, however no one would want an autograph from Corona Virus. The Stock Market Crash created by the Corona phobia, however it has created many great opportunities for long term investors, So here are the three corona bargain stocks for free. These stocks are great for long term investment(between 1 to 3 years) and it can give you a massive return.

Most stocks within Airline industry are so cheap at the moment. The world will have to come out of Corona within 1 or 2 years and the Airline Industry will get back to normal hopefully.

Before choosing any stocks we need to find a good gap between Net assets and liabilities. As an examples I would not recommend to buy Air New Zealand (AIZ:ASX) as it's liabilities are exceeding total net assets so there are chances of getting liquidation or insolvent. Also make sure you diversify your investment and do not invest too much money into one particular industry.

Flight Centre(FLT:ASX) is a leader of flight booking Service with the strong past and with a healthy balance sheet.

Southern Cross Media (SXL:ASX) is a media stock with a strong balance sheet and have a strong government support.

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Note: This is not a financial advice, Please do your own research and make your own decision.

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