The Side Effects of an Arranged Marriage

So you are thinking to get married or you are already married. Ok. I feel your pain or you may be excited that you are getting married. Well ! Good Luck. I have noticed many times that no one talks about the life after marriage. Before getting married everyone pretends like Gandhi or Mother Teressa and after getting married the real wild animal comes out. India is the factory of an arranged marriage, I believe about 90% of marriages in India are arranged marriages, However the divorce rate is extremely low, the reason could be social pressure as people are afraid of getting rejected by the society after getting divorce.

In arranged marriage mostly parents or guardians finds life partner for their daughter or son for various reasons. Many times parents sees their own benefits so the person needs to know very well about their future life partner before making a huge decision. You should ask your parents wisely why are they asking you to marry to that particular stranger. If they say because it will boost their social or financial status then in that case you need to be careful. If your parents really think that person is good, then still you need to know that person very well.

Your future life partner may have some bad habits or personality issues which can effect you. What about if you end up marrying a handsome Hitler? or a good looking lazy whale? or a control freak ring master ? and you may get stuck with that person for your whole life or you may end up getting divorced. There are a lot of people whose first priority is to find a good looking partner, however the attraction and excitement towards look lasts for some years but many bad habits and bad personality stays in person forever and the wife or husband has to suffer. Once you have kids its difficult to get divorce unless if the kids are under 1 or 2 years old as if you take divorce with kids older than 3-4 years old then it can give a huge phycological trauma to kids and kids may have to suffer with that illness during their whole life.

So the conclusion is people should know very well about their future life partner before making a huge decision of getting married and listen to your owns self. Ask yourself what are the things you would never like in your partner and find out, of course no one is perfect, we can adjust with little things but it may be very difficult to deal with some big issues.

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I wish you good luck.

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