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The Farmer and Golden Egg. Kids Short Bedtime Story.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The Farmer and The chicken that laid Golden Eggs. Kids Short Bedtime Story.
The Farmer and The chicken that laid Golden Eggs. Kids Short Bedtime Story.

Once Upon a time there was a farmer. The farmer had a huge Chicken Farm. He had 1000 hens in his farm. The farmer used to check his chicken farm every day in the morning to see how many hens have laid eggs and then he used to collect those eggs. Everyday he used to collect at least 500 eggs and sell them to shops. The farmer was earning really good money from the farm however he was never a happy man. He always wanted to get rich quickly. The farmer had no patience.

One night before going to sleep, the farmer prayed “Oh God please give me a lot of money, I want to be rich quickly” and then he went to sleep. During the sleep he felt something strange and suddenly woke up. He saw bright golden light coming out from the farm. When he went to the farm, he saw one hen laid golden egg. The farmer picked up golden egg in his hand said “wow this is a golden egg and I will get a lot of money for this golden egg”.

The farmer started looking after that particular hen very well. The hen was laying one golden egg every day. The farmer was very happy and collecting golden eggs, however the farmer was very impatience and greedy. One day he thought why not kill the chicken and get all the golden eggs out of hen’s tummy at once instead of waiting for every single day. Next day he went to the farm and killed the hen, however he didn’t get any eggs. The hen died and farmer stopped getting more golden eggs. The farmer realized his mistake that he shouldn’t have killed the hen. He should have waited patiently and collect the golden eggs patiently. He realized that the hen cannot lay eggs if she dies.

Moral of the Story.

Be patience. Patience is a virtue. Having a patience can save you from a huge loss.

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