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The cunning Wolf tricks the greedy Rabbit bedtime story for kids.

The cunning Wolf tricks the greedy Rabbit bedtime story for kids.

Once upon a time, in a dense forest lived a greedy rabbit and an evil wolf. One day the wolf, who was always devising schemes to gain more power, thought of a plan to manipulate the rabbit's greed for his own benefit.

The wolf came up with an idea and told the rabbit that there was a treasure hidden in the forest, but he was unable to find it because of certain obstacles. The wolf then convinced the rabbit to go along with him on a quest to find the treasure.

The greedy rabbit, blinded by his love for material wealth, agreed without any suspicion. As they journeyed through the forest, they encountered several obstacles which were planted by the wolf himself. Whenever they faced an obstacle that seemed impossible for them to cross, the wolf persuaded the rabbit into using his ingenious methods to overcome it.

As they continued their search for treasure, they arrived at a cliff overlooking a deep ravine with steep edges on both sides. The wolf encouraged the rabbit to jump over first and promised to follow after but instead pushed him off as soon as he had gone ahead. The sneaky wolf went on to claim all of the treasures for himself.

Eventually, everyone in the forest got news of what happened and people started avoiding interacting with such cunning characters like wolf and be greedy like Rabbit.

This tale teaches us about greed and cunningness: how succumbing to such desires may blind us from knowing who we’re truly dealing with.

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