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Rustam thinks he is better than God. Bedtime Story for kids and Adults.

This is a great free short bedtime story of Rustam for all ages including 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11+ years old. Reading time 5 minutes.

Rustam, the adventurous trader, was busy galloping on his trusty horse through the vast countryside in search of new treasures to trade. As luck would have it, he stumbled upon a magnificent mango tree standing tall and proud.

Being a big fan of mangoes, Rustam couldn't resist the temptation. He dismounted from his horse and decided to try his luck at obtaining some delicious fruits. He picked up small stones to throw at the tree, aiming to knock down a ripe mango or two.

However, try as he might, Rustam's aim was dreadful. Stone after stone missed its target. Frustration started to creep in as he failed miserably with each attempt. With every missed throw, Rustam's anger grew stronger.

In the heat of the moment, Rustam exclaimed, "If I were a god, I would design trees with large fruits like watermelons growing on tall trees and small fruits like mangoes on short trees! It would be so much easier!"

Rustam thinks he is better than God. Bedtime Story for kids and Adults.

Feeling exhausted and defeated by his unsuccessful attempts to reach those luscious mangoes, Rustam decided to take a break and rest under the very tree he coveted.

As he lay down beneath the mango tree, contemplating his shortcomings as an aspiring fruit gatherer, something unexpected happened - a ripe mango fell directly onto his nose! Ouch!

Startled by this fortunate (yet painful) encounter, Rustam sat up and looked around in astonishment. It suddenly dawned on him that there was indeed perfection in nature's design.

He had a good laugh and had a moment of realization. Imagine if watermelons grew on lofty trees like mangoes do! If one of those fell on his nose instead of a mango, it would have given him quite the face-breaking surprise!. The challenge and reward of plucking juicy mangoes from high branches made them all the more special.

Rustam felt humbled by this humbling experience and became grateful for the wisdom beyond his immediate desires. He mounted his horse once again, but this time with a newfound appreciation for the perfect intricacies of the natural world.

And so, he continued his journey, carrying with him not just treasures to trade but also a valuable lesson learned under the shade of a mango tree.

Little did Rustam know that the universe was preparing even greater adventures and lessons for him on his path as a trader.

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