Reasons For Not Losing Weight and Gaining Weight.

Updated: Jan 15

Obesity has become a very common issue for so many people around the world. You may be not aware of reasons behind weight gain and those reasons could be from the list below.

Anxiety, Depression and OCD.

You may be not aware that you are suffering from Anxiety, Depression and OCD, which can make you to gain weight. If you are over eating when you are stressed then it could be a sign of depression, however get it checked with the doctor. Some anti depressants have side effects of gaining weight and some have side effects of losing weight, so confirm with the doctor before taking a prescription.


You may have hypothyroidism, which can also lead to weight gain. Get your whole body checked up and see what blood result says.

Life Style.

If you have a sitting job such as office job, Truck driver, Taxi driver etc, then it can be also one of the reasons for gaining weight. It's very difficult for many people to do exercise after job as they are already tired after work and have no energy to do exercise. I met one guy he had an office job and he changed his career and became plumber just to keep himself fit, however it's very hard for many people to change their career like this. If you don't have energy after work then you can take 20-30 minutes nap then after go for a long walk or do some house keeping work or play with kids, which may help you to burn some calories. You can also do some workout in weekends. Stop using your car or motorbike when you can walk to nearest streets or shops.

You are eating to much Carbs.

Some cultural cuisines contains lots of carbs. If you are eating breads, pasta, rice and noodles everyday then you need to change that habit and cut down on your carbs and eat high fiber foods such as whole meal bread, brown rice, whole meal pasta, salads or green vegetables. Try to eat salads and vegetables instead of carbs during some days of week. Avoid eating foods which contains sugar because sugar contains 100% carbs, that means just eating little bit of sweet food is equal to few slice of breads. You should stop having sugary drinks or alcohol that could be also one of the reasons for your weight gain. Replace full cream milk with light milk. Always keep track of your daily carbs. Find out which food have high carbs and try to avoid them.

Eating too much calories.

You may be eating food which contains too much calories. If you are eating lots of fatty meat then you need to replace them with lean meat such as chicken breast or fish fillets without skin etc. Avoid eating sweet food such as ice-cream, chocolates, cakes, cookies etc, and replace them with healthy snacks such as salads and vegetables, nuts, high fiber and low carb fruits. Avoid eating junk food such as pizza, burgers and fried food.

Portion Control issue.

Some people have food obsession so they cannot control on their food portion. We just need to remember that we eat to live and not live to eat. If you have difficulty in controlling your portion then replace your bowl or dish with smaller size bowl or dish. Drink water before eating. Eat salads with your daily meal so it will make you full quickly. Do not make eating food your hobby. Only eat when you are very hungry. Some people also drinks coffee and tea several times a day which contains milk and sugar, try to drink coffee without sugar and milk or use light milk. If you still can't control your food portion then there is a medicine which helps to reduce your hunger. Talk to your doctor and get prescription for it.


The Will power is very important factor in weight loss program, once you start getting results your Will power will boost automatically, however you need to remind yourself all the time that you can do it. Don't hesitate to refuse unhealthy food offered by your friends, relatives or partner.

Note: This is not a medical advice. Please consult with your Doctor before starting your diet plan as you may have a medical condition and some diet plans may not be suitable for you.

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