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Parts of the submarine that buried five people were found amidst allegations of negligence.

Parts of the Titan submarine, which disappeared while diving to the wreckage of the Titanic, were found. While allegations of negligence regarding the submarine, which exploded due to pressure and caused the death of 5 people, Canada launched an investigation into the incident.

As the regions of the Titan submarine that had conducted a $250,000 tour to explore the wreckage of Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean and subsequently exploded are being accessed, more details about the cause of this incident are coming to light, unraveling the mystery.

Regrettably, the unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of five lives. Given the severity of the matter, allegations of negligence have been raised, and an investigation has been initiated to ascertain the cause and prevent future occurrences.

ocean  gate Titan Implosion

It was concluded that the submarine had exploded as a result of extreme pressure and subsequently fragmented. Notably, debris from the wreckage was located at a distance of 488 meters away from the Titanic's wreckage site, situated at a depth of 4 kilometers below the water's surface.

The primary support vessel of the 'Titan' submarine has returned to the Canadian harbor subsequent to the unfortunate incident.

The implosion was caused by a loss of pressure.

The submarine's potential negligence and probable explosion caused by depressurization are currently being investigated. OceanGate, the submarine's operator, is under scrutiny by Canadian authorities conducting multiple investigations into the incident.

In the high seas where Titan conducts its operations, there is a lack of regulations governing international waters. The US Coast Guard reported an explosion involving Titan and mentioned that an investigation will be conducted in the future to address concerns about applicable regulations and standards.

It has come to light that the submarine, owned by American OceanGate Expeditions, conducted its initial dive in 2018 and subsequently visited the Titanic site in 2021. However, it has been revealed that this operation was carried out without proper certification for safety measures.

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