is it a right time to sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been performing well for so many years. It has given good return to both short term and long term investors. There are people who have lost their money too, but it's like with any investment, if you take a wrong decision you may lose money. Every investment creates a bubble, whoever gets trapped in that bubble might have to wait for a longtime to recover their money or they might have to sell it for a loss, whoever bought Bitcoin at $20k USD, they still haven't recovered their money and whoever bought it when crashed to $4-$5k must have made lots of money. Bitcoin is rising right now so it may crash or it may continue to rise. Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals have no transparency so it's very hard to figure out the fair value.

There are chances that Bitcoin may touch $17K USD, however a correction after a jump always happens and that's the pattern of every investments such as property market, stock market, precious metals including gold and cryptocurrencies, So it's up to you to hold it or fold it. Note: This is not a financial advice.

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