How to eat bread and still lose 12 kg weight a month?

I am going to talk about the Keto diet in here. Keto diet may be not suitable for people with diabetes and other Medical Conditions. Please get your body checked up before you start following the Keto diet. Please Consult with your doctor first. Some people may have thyroid issues which makes you gain weight which may just require a thyroid treatment and you should be able to lose weight . In Keto diet you cannot have carbohydrates more than 15 gm a day and you need to follow this diet for at least 1 month depends on your goal. Some people lose weight faster than others, however you should be able to lose at least 7 kg weight and if you do cardio with it then you can lose even more than 12 kg. Keto diet is not a healthy diet, it’s good for short term only. It depends on how much weight you want to lose, after that you should get back to your normal diet and eat everything in moderation or control your portion.

1. Buy Baker’s Life 85% Lower Carb Bread from Aldi.

You will have to replace your normal bread with Baker's Life 85%Lower Carb Bread. As I mentioned above you shouldn't eat more than 15 gm of carbs a day if you want results. You will get 5 gm of carbs out of two slices of low carb bread and it's enough to keep you full. You can have 4 to 5 slices a day. Make sure you are not getting carbs from other foods. If you are not in Australia then you can check in your own country if they have similar type of low carb bread

2. Drink Lots of water

Remember to keep drinking lots of water as it plays very important role in weight loss diet plan.

3. Eat lots of protein.

You can make quick sandwiches using low carb bread and add low fat chicken, meat, fish, cheese, avocado, boiled eggs and salads into your sandwiches.

4. Use Stevia instead of Sugar

You should completely avoid sugar when you are following Keto diet and use instead stevia in your drinks. 20g of sugar contains 20g of carbs so its 100% carbs.

5. Keep track of your carbs.

Before eating any food check label of the product and see how much carbs it contains. Every time you eat make sure you are not exceeding your daily carb limit.

Hopefully this will help you to lose weight. Please subscribe and leave comments below and update about your weight loss progress. Good Luck.

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