How to deal with online Trolls?

Trolls try to disrupt, destroy or change discussion groups to fit their own agendas. These trolls like to visit and try to disrupt happy people. Their lowly reason for existence is to post proactive, hostile or annoying messages. They claim they are on particular social media to discuss but in fact are just there to cause trouble. Trolls have an exaggerated sense of their own importance. Troll will frequently use a persecution defense when they are asked to cease their anti-social behavior. When someone asks them nicely to stop posting negative comments, they'll claim innocent intent and will scream censorship. They will claim that they are being singled out because of their unpopular viewpoints.

Please DO NOT Feed the Troll

Trolls are pin heads. Trolls will only stay when they are fed or given attention. So please do not pet, respond to, or feed trolls, Doing so only results in their prolonged stay. The best punishment for the Troll is ignore and that will fail his his or her game. They are unhappy with their own selves and that's why they try to disturb others. I decided to bring this topic up after hearing the news of Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account. Online bullying is the big issue on social Media, however many popular Social Media websites are soft on Trolls because they only care about getting more users. Specially young people and teenagers should communicate with their parents or visit a good counseling service to get help immediately if you are victim of bullying. If some tries troll then you should immediately block them.