How Should You React to The Cartoon Issue in France?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Islamophobia is a free tool available to use for Politicians and Media. Politicians uses for votes and Media uses for attention or for PR. Once upon a time a great human being of all time predicted that the time will come when evil people will be ruling nations. Charlie Hebdo wants attention and reaction at any cost and the same reaction what some Muslims are giving on the name of Islam which is not even allowed in Islam. At least those Angry Muslims needs to remind themselves what Actually Prophet Muhammad SAW taught you. If they have forgotten that then let me remind them again. I am not a perfect human being as well, I do get angry sometimes but that’s where we fail in our test. Many times my kids do silly things to get my attention and they know what exactly will give them a strong reaction, right now my son is punching into TV screen to get my attention. Charlie Hebdo is doing the same thing to get reaction or publicity in the name of freedom of speech.

Once Upon a time a man reviled Abu Bakr in the presence of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Prophet remained seated. He looked pleased and smiled. He insulted Abu Bakr twice, but Abu Bakr controlled himself and remained silent. He insulted him for a third time, and Abu Bakr then let his tongue loose and responded back. At that, the Messenger of Allah got up and left.

Abu Bakr followed after the Prophet and said: “Messenger of Allah! He insulted me and you just sat there. Then when I responded to some of what he said, you became angry and got up.” The Prophet said: “There was an angel with you who was responding to his insults on your behalf.”

Then the Prophet said: “Abu Bakr, (keep in mind) three things which are always true, one of which is that whenever a person is subjected to an injustice but leaves the matter to Allah, then Allah will come to his aid… .” (Musnad Ahmad)

It is not a weakness to remain silent. It takes real strength. What others say will only hurt you if you let it. Construct within yourself a “refuse treatment plant” and try to turn other people’s insults into something constructive and positive that you can use for your own betterment and the betterment of others.

So the point is here that you shouldn't react to insults with Anger. How can you kill someone if they insult you. You have right to protest peacefully but can’t just harm people that’s prohibited in the religion.

France has got strong Islamophobia from last so many years. There is another free tool misused by hypocrite media is a freedom of speech or freedom of expression. So they can go to anyone and abuse or insult any one. About 95% of world media is funded by Corporate Mafias and Corrupt politician. Pen and Power are in wrong or evil hands.

The free Islamophobia tool has been proven pretty good for politicians to get on the power from United Stated to India and one particular community is paying the price and Media is working hard to spread Islamophobia and hate around the world. However the power tool has been given to you 1400 year ago which is a patience. Being patient or being silent is not a weakness but it’s actually a strength.