Gold and Silver are ready for monster move?

Updated: Jan 15

2020 year is one of the toughest year and History will remember it. For some people 2020 is a lucky year specially those who invested in Bitcoin, Gold, Silver and Uranium. Covid-19 Financial crisis helped to gain demands of safe heavens. Right now Bitcoin is skyrocketing but there will be exhaustion and correction. That's the part of the every investment. Cryptocurrency and Precious metals are rivals. Traders or Investors choses one of those safe heavens during financial crisis. First Gold had it's turn and gold price stabilized so investors might have started investing in Bitcoin and it reached all time high, However if Bitcoin correction happens then investors might move back to precious metals as there is still

uncertainty about Covid-19 and investors are staying away from stocks. In my opinion there are many great stocks are available on bargain price and its a great opportunity.

Below Events can take precious metals all time high during end of 2020-mid 2021.

Gold Chart has formed Bullish Cup and Handle pattern.

Cup and handle Pattern Example

FED's debt and Highest Numbers of USD printed in History.

Gold and Silver mostly runs together. Right Now Silver also Looks very bullish and It may reach $35USD soon.

Please leave comments below. Please note this article does not contain any financial advice. Investors are recommended to do own research.

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