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Friendship of Pigeon and Parrot. Short Bedtime Story.

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Once upon a time there was Pigeon and Parrot they both were very good friends. They used to go for a morning flight every day high up in the sky. They fly round and round, up and down in the sky, enjoying view of beautiful ocean, mountains and forests from high up in the sky. After their Daily Morning flight they used to go to a park for a morning breakfast and People used to also come to that park to take photos of beautiful birds. Parrot and Pigeon were the most popular birds in the park as they both were really pretty. The Parrot was one of the rare and most prettiest bird in the park so people were always keen to take photos of the parrot.

One day Pigeon was waiting for his best friend Parrot for a regular morning flight. Pigeon waited, waited and waited but Parrot didn't come for a morning flight. Pigeon started worrying and he went looking for his friend Parrot in the park, but he couldn't find him. Pigeon asked Crow " hey Crow did you see Parrot? somewhere? " Crow replied" No- I didn't see him today, but I saw him yesterday in the park". Pigeon says" he has gone missing and I am worried about him. Crow replies hmmm and trying to remember something and then suddenly Crow says " hey Pigeon I remember something I saw one guy with a bird cage in the park and he was also carrying one orange shopping bag. I see that man everyday in the park. I am sure he stole your friend parrot. Pigeon replies " Oh no, that's not a good news, the parrot is in danger, we have to rescue him from that bad man, but how are we going to find where that bad guy lives? Crow replies " I think he does shopping everyday in the morning from the near by market because I always see an orange shopping bag in his hand when he comes to park. Tomorrow morning we will go to the shopping market, we will find him and follow him to his house, then we will search for the Parrot in that bad man's house and rescue him.

Next Morning, Pigeon and Crow were waiting for the bad guy, then bad guy arrives, finishes his shopping and head towards his home, Pigeon and Crow follows him to his house. Pigeon and Crow circle around the bad man's house to find out where he has hidden parrot in his house. Suddenly Pigeon shouts in excitement "I found him he is in this room come here". Crow and Pigeon lands near the window where the parrot was kept. The Parrot was locked in the cage, Parrot looked sad and crying. Parrot says " I miss my friend pigeon and I miss that freedom and flying in the sky everyday. Pigeon shouts" hey my friend Parrot, don't worry we are here to help you, we are here to free you from that cage. Parrot becomes happy and feels relived after seeing Parrot and Crow there to help him. Crow says "be careful guys we need to make sure we don't make any noise otherwise that bad man will know we are here. Crow says" I can here someone's foot steps, I think that bad guy is coming here let's hide and they Pigeon and Crows hides. The bad man enters the room, looks at the parrot and says " Tomorrow I am going to sell this beautiful special parrot in the bird market for $5000 ha ha ha and then I will go on a long Holiday ha ha ha" then the bad man leaves the room.

Then Crow says " lets go inside the room and make sure we don't make any noise" then Crow and Pigeon enters the room through room's window and goes near the cage. Pigeon says" I think we should both use our beaks and open the window of this cage. Crows says " yes, good idea, lets do it and then crow and pigeon both opens the cage's window using their beaks. The Parrot comes out of the cage and hugs both Pigeon and Crow. Parrot says happily "Thanks my friends for freeing me up from this prison. Crow says "lets not delay and fly away from here before the bad man comes back and they all flies away from bad man's house, then they lands on the safe place on one tree. Crow says " I think you both shouldn't come to park as that bad guy will come to cage more birds. Parrot and Pigeon says yes Crow you are right we will stay away from that park until its safe.

Next day the bad man comes to the park with cage trying to catch and cage another bird, the crow sees him from the tree and gets angry, then he calls all his crow friends and says " hey guys look at that man with the cage, he comes here to catch birds and sells them, he is a very bad man, lets attack him" then all the crows angry attacks that bad man, the bad man screams in pain and runs away. After that day the bad man never comes to the park and all birds lives happily ever after.

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