Corona Virus Crisis in South Australia

People are arriving from South Australia will have to go into supervised quarantine considering the growing corona virus cases in Adelaide.

Mr Gunner(Cheif Minister) said people should be ready for sudden hotspot declarations ahead of the Christmas holidays.

"It reaffirms that message if you leave the Northern Territory, plan to have a spare 14 days up your sleeve, plan to have $2,500 up your sleeve, or plan to be able to stay where you are for longer if you need to," Mr Gunner said.

"A hotspot could happen at any time, unfortunately." He Said.

There are 17 coronavirus cases linked to Adelaide's northern suburbs from a particular group.

People arriving from South Australia after Tuesday will have to pay for quarantine.

SA has been declared as a corona virus hotspot. People coming from SA in the NT can return to South Australia immediately if they do not want to undergo quarantine.

Anyone arrives in the Northern Territory from SA on before Wednesday will not have to pay the $2,500 for the supervised quarantine, People who wants to travel here later today from South Australia will need to make a decision now to stay there, or if they do come here to enter supervise quarantine," Mr Gunner said.

Mr Gunner said the NT's Security and Emergency Management Committee met on Monday morning to review "alarming developments in South Australia overnight" before making the hotspot declaration.

"All the information we are getting right now concerns us and there is still so much we don't know about this outbreak," Mr Gunner said.

"The critical point here is what we don't know that worries us the most.

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