Australia in Shock Over War Crime and Some People have no Shame.

How would you feel if your innocent loved ones get murdered by the Army? Australian special forces were allegedly involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians. According to the investigation report special forces allegedly created a fake story by planting weapons on dead bodies. This reminds me of similar cases happened in the past in India, where police did fake encounters of some innocent people from Muslim community and left weapons on dead bodies to show that they were terrorists and had conspiracy of killing a far right wing political leader, however later on some Indian police officers were exposed after the investigation. At the end most of them got away. Let's see what happens in Australia. I wouldn't be surprised if similar story comes out from the US forces too.

The whole Australia is in shock over alleged war crime scandal, however some people have no shame. A Billionaire Kerry Stokes promises to support and fund SAS. Mr Stokes has agreed to cover Mr Roberts-Smith's legal costs in a defamation lawsuit he has initiated over articles accusing him of committing war crimes.

Special forces were involved in killing of dozens of innocent non-combatants. Thirty-nine Innocent Afghans were allegedly murdered in 23 incidents by special forces. All the victims were either non-combatants or were no longer combatants. A total of 25 perpetrators have been identified and some are still serving in the ADF.

Patricia Gossman, senior researcher in Afghanistan for Human Rights Watch, urged nations whose militaries have served as part of the US-led coalition in Afghanistan — including America and Britain — to follow Australia’s example and probe their own soldiers’ conduct. “It was part of a sick culture that essentially treated Afghans living in these contested areas as if they were all dangerous criminals — even the children — or simply as not human,” she said.

The government has committed to criminal investigations and recommended referring 36 matters to the AFP for criminal investigation, which involve 19 individuals.

The motive behind this could be hate towards a particular community or it was just for earning medals, which we will find out soon hopefully.

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