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7 best cars under 30k in Australia.

The best cars under 30k are the ones that offer the most value for your money. They are not only affordable but also reliable, efficient, safe, it has a great resale value and a low maintenance cost. See the list below.

1. Toyota Yaris Ascent.

Toyota Yaris Cheap Cars Under $30k
credis: wikimedia

If you are looking for a small, efficient and reliable car then Toyota Yaris Hatchback is one of the top car. Toyota Yaris hatchback is a great car for singles, couples, retired person and for a small family. Toyota Yaris has great resale value and Great customer reviews on product review. Toyota Yaris drive away price is under $29k.

Toyota Yaris Ascent Hatchback Specs and Features.

  • Yaris Hatchback Ascent Comes with the new 1.5L Dynamic Force engine is a direct injection petrol powered engine with a 6-speed manual or an alternative automatic CVT transmission.

  • 15 inch steel wheels with 185/60 R15 tyres,

  • Front and rear Power windows.

  • Reverse Camera, A/C, Apple and Android car play, Bluetooth and more other features.

  • Fuel Economy 4.5L/100km Combined.

  • If you add $4k more then you can get Yaris SX Hybrid with 3.3L/100km Fuel Economy plus more other advance features.


2. Mazda 2

Best Cars Under $30k
Credit: wikimedia

The Mazda 2 is a compact car that was first introduced in 2003. It is a five-door hatchback with a front-wheel drive and a 1.5-liter engine. The Mazda 2 has been praised for its fuel efficiency, safety features, and affordability. Mazda 2 has great customer reviews on product review. You can buy many different models of Mazda 2 under $30k in both sedan and hatchback. Fuel Economy is between 5L to 6.5L per 100km varies by different models.

Mazda 2 Hatchback Models or Variants and Prices under $30k:

G15 Pure: price around $25k AUD

G15 Pure SP: price around $27K AUD

G15 Evolve: price around $28k AUD

G15 GT: price round $30K AUD

Mazda 2 Sedan Models and Prices under $30k:

G15 Pure Sedan: price around $27k AUD

G15 GT Sedan: price around $30k AUD


3. Suzuki Swift GLS and GLS Plus.

Suzuki Swift 2022,2023, best Car under $30k
Credit: wikimedia

There are two models of Suzuki swift you can buy for under $30k AUD which are GLS and GLS Plus. Swift GL S and Swift GLS PLUS comes with 9 inch Multimedia Touch screen, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Cruise Control, Keyless Entry and start system, A/C, Reverse Camera, Parking Sensor, Voice Command, Bluetooth Connectivity, 1.2 L Engine, 4 Cylinders, 4.6L/100km Fuel Economy. You can buy GL S for around $26k AUD. GLS Plus has more advance features than GLS. The starting price of GLS Plus is $28k AUD.


4. Hyundai i30 and Active.(Hatchback and Sedan)

Hyundai i30 Best Car Under $30k
Credit: wikimedia

The starting price of Hyundai i30 is between $26k AUD and $30k AUD, prices varies by models. The base model of Hyundai i30 Hatchback's starting price is $26k AUD and i30 Active's Sedan's starting price is around $29k.

Hyundai i30 Hatchback's Features and Specs:

8 inch touch screen, android and apple car play, engine 2L or 1.6L T 6 speed manual FWD or 6 speed Auto 4 Cylinders, Rear View Camera, one touch power driver window, 16 inch alloy wheels. Fuel Economy combined between 7L-8.5L/100km.

Hyundai i30 Active Sedan Features and Specs:

All features of i30 hatchback base model's included in i30 Active Sedan plus below advance features are included. Fuel Economy combined between 7L-8.5L/100km.

17 inch alloy wheels, Leather Seats, One touch power windows: All Windows.


5.Suzuki Ignis GL and GLX.

Suzuki Ignis Best Car under $30k
Credit: wikimedia

Suzuki new ignis is a compact SUV. The Ignis GLX has a 1.3-liter engine with an automatic transmission, while the Ignis GL has a 1.0-liter engine with manual or Automatic transmission options . Suzuki Ignis is great for singles, students, couples, retirees and small families. The Ignis GLX also has more features than the standard GL model, such as power windows, power locks, air conditioning, and cruise control.

Suzuki Ignis GL's stating price is $23,490 AUD and Suzuki ignis GLX starting price is $26,490 AUD.

Ignis GL specs and features:

  • 1.2L engine dual jet

  • CVT transmission 5 speed manual or automatic

  • Cruise control

  • fuel economy 4.7L/100km manual

  • fuel economy automatic 4.9L/100km

  • 9 inch touch screen display with Bluetooth, USB, voice control, Apple and Android Car play steering wheel controls.

  • Rear View Reverse camera

  • 4 x speakers for sound.

  • 60/40 split rear seats

  • 5 seater

  • Six airbags installed.


  • 15 inch steel wheels

  • Front fog lights to help during foggy conditions.

  • Roof rails installed.


6. Kia Picanto.

Kia Picanto Best Car under $30k Australia
credit: wikimedia

The Kia Picanto is a subcompact car that was first introduced in 1998. It is the smallest car in the Kia lineup and it is also one of the cheapest cars on the market. The Picanto has been available with a variety of different engines, including a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine, and a 1.25-liter four-cylinder engine. Kia Picanto is a great small car for singles, couples, students, small families and retirees.

Kia Picanto's staring price is from $18,890.00 AUD to $22,890 for its variants/ different Models, S Manual or Automatic, GT-Line Manual or Automatic, GT Manual.

Kia Picanto's Combined Fuel Economy is between 5L to 6L/100KM, which varies by different Picanto Models.

KIa Picanto S Manual or Automatic features and Specs, Starting Price from $18890 to $19800

  • Wireless, Apple, Android CarPlay for smartphone and smart devices.

  • Rear view camera with parking guidelines.

  • Cruise control.

  • 8 inch Touchscreen with Bluetooth.

  • Forward Collision Warning System: AEB with FCWS

  • Rear view camera with dynamic parking guidelines

KIa Picanto GT-Line Manual or Automatic features and Specs. Starting Price from $20390 to $21390

All features of Picanto S included in GT-Line plus it comes with below advance features.

  • GT-Line Package includes GT-Line body kit and GT-Line badge.

  • steering wheel & shift knob and Premium seats.

  • 16 inch alloy wheels included.

  • 4.2 inch supervision cluster.

  • Daytime running lights (DRL with LED)

  • LED rear fog light for foggy conditions.

  • Electric & heated outside door mirrors for cold weather and foggy conditions.

KIa Picanto GT Manual features and Specs. Starting Price from $22890

All features of Picanto S included in GT Manual plus it comes with below advance features.

  • GDI Turbo engine 1.0L

  • Sports suspensions and steering wheel.


7. Kia Cerato.

Kia Cerato best Car under $30k in  Australia.

The Kia Cerato's three variants are available under $30k AUD(The price may vary by locations). The variants are S, S with Safety Pack and Sport. Kia Cerato's combined fuel economy is 7.5L/100km.

  • Cerato S Price $27,890.00

  • Cerato S with Safety Pack $29,390.00

  • Cerato Sport $29,900

Features and Specs:

  • HD touch screen : 10.25 inch

  • Supervision instrument cluster

  • JBL entertainment sound system

  • Wireless charging for Smartphones.

  • Electronic parking brake System.

  • Integrated memory foam seats.

  • Heated and ventilated seats for all weathers.

  • A/C Climate control

  • Push Button starting.

  • Sports seats

  • Powered open and close sunroof

  • Split and foldable rear seats.

  • 7 speed DCT Trans available on GT variant.

  • 6 speed automatic Trans available on Sport+, Sport and S variants.


These were some of the handpicked good cars under $30k. Make sure you confirm with a car dealership or on their website for specs as details may change by time.

Please leave your comments and opinions below.

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