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16 tips for higher Uber Driver rating. DiDi, Ola.

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Uber driver rating plays an important role in driver's earnings and performance. Having higher rating means higher earning opportunity and long lasting career. Getting higher Uber driver rating is not difficult if followed Uber requirements and simple steps. The same steps applies to DiDi and Ola drivers. I have been driving with Uber for more than 6 years and my current driver star rating is 4.99, which I achieved by following below tips.

1. Conversation with Uber Rider.

Many Uber drivers get anxious when the rider arrives in the car and trying to talk a lot with rider for the sake of star rating. The best thing is not to talk a lot, when rider arrives, greet the rider "Hi(Rider's name) and How are you? and confirm where they are going to. When the destination arrives, say Thank you (Rider's name)Have a good day or night, That's it. Nothing more than that. If rider starts conversation then join conversation however do not discuss sensitive topics, such as religion, race, politics, gender and any other sensitive or negative topics. Try to change the topic to something positive without being rude. Do not ask personal questions specially to female passengers. Most passengers like to stay quiet, as they may have finished their work, are tired and want to relax. These are important practices and 90% of your driver rating depends on these practices and it will earn you great tips from passengers.

2. Avoid accepting trip requests from riders with low star ratings.

You will be risking your driver rating if you accept trip requests from passengers with rating below 4.6. As those riders will more likely rate you low no matter how good service you provide to them. You may also face bad behavior of low rated riders. Many drivers ratings have been ruined because of they are accepting trip requests from any riders without checking their star rating.

3. Good Driving Practice.

Do not break road rules. Do not over speed. Do not drive too slow. Just follow the legal speed limit. Slow down when turning as it will make rider uncomfortable. Do not do harsh braking when stopping the vehicle. If the rider is in rush then its not your fault. If the rider asks you to break road rules then be polite tell the rider that "sorry you can't break road rules as you will get fine and its not safe to do. You care about your rider's safety. Do not involve in road rage with other motorists. Do not fight with other drivers when there is a rider in your car. Avoid beeping unnecessarily. Also if your Uber rider reports you for dangerous driving then your account may get permanently banned regardless of how high your driver rating is.

4. Keeping your car clean and tidy.

You should get your car washed at least once in a week. If its too expensive for you then you can wash and vacuum by yourself. Always use Air freshener. If the car stinks anytime during your shift then use perfume or spray bottle to get rid of odor before rider gets in your car. Some riders may leave smell in your car from take away food or something else, Use perfume or air freshener spray after rider leaves the car. Keep your personal belonging out of the view of rider. Try removing unnecessary things from your car. Try dusting interior of your car regularly it takes only 5 minutes. Sometimes even your car is clean but birds will make mess on your car, do not ignore it and clean it straight away.

5. Maintaining your car.

Always get your car serviced on time, if any noise is coming from the car then get it repaired straight away. If there are any visible scratches on your car then get it removed by smash repairer ASAP. If your car's tires are worn out then replace them with new ones. If any of your Car lights are not working get them fixed ASAP. Rider may see any of these factors as dangerous or hazardous and rate you low. Do not think that riders do not notice them.

6. Do not use your phone while driving.

The most common complaints from passengers is driver talking on the phone while the rider is in the car. This is what most Sydney taxi drivers do and I have heard this from a lot of passengers. It is very rude when rider is in the car and driver is chatting with his mates over the phone. Keep your car environment noise free. Do not play with your phone while you are driving, its a dangerous driving practice and illegal in Australia, even if its attached to the phone mount. If you have to answer an urgent call ask your passenger politely and most likely they won't say no. Just ask "sorry I have to answer an urgent call is that ok if I answer this call?"

7. Trip navigation.

Its better to gain knowledge of streets instead of completely relying on navigation apps. None of the navigation apps are accurate. My two favorite navigation apps are Google maps and Waze. These both apps are best ones in my opinions, however they are not 100% accurate as some changes in roads and streets data takes time to update on navigation apps. If you notice that your navigation app is playing up or you are not sure about the route then don't be afraid to ask the rider for help, which will save you from conflict with passenger later on. Ask riders if they want to avoid toll routes as it will save their money, if they end up with the unnecessary huge bill then they may report you and rate you low. On some routes you have to take toll routes depends on time of the day, traffic, urgency of passenger etc.

8. Safely Picking up and Dropping off Uber Passengers.

Make sure you pick up and drop off your passengers on safe spot as you don't want your riders to get injured and run over by car or bus. There will be times when there will be no spot to stop your car and you have no choice but double park your car for few seconds to pick up and drop off your customers, in that case make sure you monitor your car mirrors and check if any car or bus is approaching, ask your rider politely to exit towards curbside and not on the middle of the road or street. Be patient and let riders take their time to exit the car. Tell your rider politely "take your time, don't rush"

9. Avoid physical contact with passengers.

There will be times when you will get very intoxicated riders who will fall a sleep and it will be very difficult to wake the rider up when the destination arrives. In that case never touch the passenger to wake them up, inform the rider with loud voice that they have arrived to their destination. If the rider still can't wake up then try asking someone from the rider's house to pick the rider up. The last resort is to take the rider to police station and police can wake the rider up. Once I had a very intoxicated rider who couldn't wake up so I said "excuse me the police officer is here, could you please get up" she quickly got up and ran like she was not intoxicated" however there was no police officer there, but this kind of prank may land you in a trouble so avoid doing it. Sometimes you will get elderly passengers who would need driver's help to exit the car, in that case offer your hand elbow and they will hold your hand, do not touch them or grab them. You may end up in sexual assault case if you touch the passenger.

10. Offering help to riders.

Always offer help to riders to move their baggage or any other things. Do not just sit and watch. If the bags are too heavy ask rider to help you. Avoid lifting too heavy stuff by yourself.

11. Do not judge your passengers.

Do not judge your rider by their look, what they are wearing, how they are talking. Treat every passenger equally with respect.

12. Great benefits of higher Uber driver rating.

If your rating is above 4.85 then you can get Uber Comfort trip requests which pays more than UberX. Also less likely passengers will cancel trips if your rating is good. Passengers will save you as their favorite driver and you will receive more trip reservations, that means more earnings for you.

13. Use Air Conditioning.

Turn on air conditioning if the weather hot, use heater if the weather is cold. Follow passenger's request of what temperature they would prefer. Don't worry about little bit of more cost on fuel and think about long term benefits.

14. Never ask riders to rate you 5 stars.

If you ask your riders to rate you 5 stars then they may think you are a dodgy driver or you are trying to blackmail them. Many driver ask indirectly by telling the rider " I am rating you 5 stars" or I will give you 5 stars" Don't dot it as the rider may get angry and rate you low.

15. Resolving conflict with the rider.

If you made a mistake apologize to rider, if the rider made a mistake then forgive. Depends on how big the mistake is such as abusive, aggressive, extremely rude rider behavior is not acceptable. If the trip ended costing higher than it supposed to be, because of the driver's mistake then apologize to the rider and tell rider that you will refund them. You can refund certain amount to Uber riders by going into your Uber account.

16. Keeping phone charging cables ready for rider.

Buy at least three different types of charging cables, such as lightening cable for iPhone, USB-C and Micro USB for Android. Make sure the cables are at least 2 meters long. Get Car USB charger with more than 4 USB ports. Be flexible and help riders if they want to charge their phones in your car. 90% of times rider will rate you 5 stars and even they will tip you for helping them to charge their phones.


Above tips will gain you a higher star rating and will boost your income as an Uber driver. Happy customers are most important part of a successful business, so look after your riders and have a positive attitude.

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