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Repair that tired trampoline for a new season ! 

Save a fortune by repairing your old trampoline with this new replacement mat.
This sale is for a new mat only, no other items such as mat is included.

Superior rebound:
These mats use the highest strength polypropylene mat fabric.
This gives a very high strength while still allowing the mat to 'breathe'.
The design greatly reduces air resistance, especially on the rebound!
Cheaper mats using lower grade material can only achieve the required strength by using a denser weave, however the downside to their design is that the air resistance is dramatically increased and the mat acts as a large 'sail' on rebound, which greatly reduces the rebound force.

These mats are hot-rolled after weaving to give the mat a smooth feel. This reduces the skin-grazing effect experienced on most other trampoline mats.

IMPORTANT NOTE on mat measurements:
Trampoline sizes are quoted in overall outside diameter. This includes the frame and bands. The mat diameter is less than the trampoline diameter. Please measure your mat diameter and number of band loops to be sure this mat will fit.

Trampoline size: 8ft (2.44m) Mat Diameter: 200cm Number of band loops: 44

Trampoline size: 10ft (3.05m) Mat Diameter: 261cm Number of band loops: 58

Trampoline size: 12ft (3.66m) Mat Diameter: 314cm Number of band loops: 72

Trampoline size: 14ft (4.27m) Mat Diameter: 375cm Number of band loops: 84

Trampoline size: 16ft (4.87m) Mat Diameter: 431cm Number of band loops: 96

  • Anti Graze Trampoline Mat
  • High strength polypropylene
  • Breathable fabric
  • 8 row stitching

  • 1 x Trampoline Mat only

New Springless Trampoline Replacement Mat Round Outdoor 8ft

Productcode: trp-mat-ela-08
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