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Save money and save water with HydroActive solar swimming pool covers.

These are nothing like the cheap, lightweight bubble-wrap being passed off as '500 micron pool covers' by other sellers, these are the real deal: heavy - tough - Genuine 500 micron - UV-stabilised!

5.5m Roller included:You would expect to pay around $350 retail in stores for this roller alone, grab yourself the same quality roller way under retail price !
These heavy duty covers are made from the highest quality material which is salt, chlorine, and sun resistant.

  • Increase temperature by 4-6 degrees
  • Reduce overnight heat loss
  • Reduce water evaporation by over 97%
  • Save over 50% on chemical costs
  • Blocks leaves and dirt
  • Salt, chlorine and sun resistant
  • Prevent indoor condensation

  • 1 x Pool Cover
  • 1 x Pool Roller
  • 8 x Roller clips and straps

500micron Swimming Pool Roller Cover Combo - Silver/Blue - 11m x 4.8m

Productcode: rol-swp-2c5-1148
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