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10x Vacuum Food Sealer Storage Rolls 22cm 28cm
  • Features:
    laminate dreaded freezer burn and greatly extend your foods lifespan
    One side clear, one side embossed dotted pattern provides most consistent vacuum seal: locking out air and locking in freshness, flavour and nutrition
    Compatible with all 'Clamp Style' Vacuum Packaging machines
    Freezable, Reusable, Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free
    Gives you complete control of the process through a variety of different options

    Material: PE & Nylon
    Length of roll: 4M
    Width: 22cm & 28cm
    Package includes: 5 Rolls of 22cm x 4m and 5 Rolls of 28cm x 4m

    10x Vacuum Food Sealer Storage Rolls 22cm 28cm

    Productcode: 69_af1002
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