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While You Were Sleeping


Some time later, while Lucy is at work, Jack places an engagement ring in the token tray of her booth. He enters her booth and with most of the Callaghan family watching, proposes to her. Jack and Lucy are married and then leave on a CTA train for their honeymoon. Lucy narrates that he fulfilled her dream of going to Florence, Italy, and explains that, when Peter asked when she fell in love with Jack, she replied, "It was while you were sleeping."

On his first day at the Division 3 Prosecutors' Office, Jae-chan meets Lawyer Lee Yoo-beom whom he secretly loathes because of a bitter incident dating back to when he was a teenager. One night, Jae-chan dreams that Yoo-beom takes Hong-joo on a date. In the dream, Hong-joo excuses herself to go home thinking that she left the door at their house ajar. As it unexpectedly started snowing heavily, Yoo-beom insists on driving Hong-joo's car and during the drive he gets into an accident in which a policeman is killed. Yoo-beom claims that Hong-joo was driving, dragging her while unconscious into the driver's seat and falsifying evidence. When she wakes up from a coma, months later, Hong-joo is wrongly accused of the accident, and learns that her mother died of exhaustion working to pay the damages claimed by the victim's family. In vain, she protests her innocence to Jae-chan, the prosecutor in charge of the case in the dream, and ends up committing suicide, Jae-Chan being unable to stop her from jumping off the hospital roof.

Meanwhile, high school piano virtuosa Park So-yoon (Kim So-hyun), who is Seung-won's love interest, has her piano recital. While being interviewed by the media, her mother Do Geum-sook (Jang So-yeon) faints, causing confusion at the venue. The police and the media see what seemed like footprints on Geum-sook's undergarments while So-yoon's father Park Jun-mo (Um Hyo-sup) tries to cover it and insists that he did not do it. So-yoon realizes that her father, who had been abusive to them, had beaten up her mother again. As Jun-mo is being arrested by the police, So-yoon pleads with Seung-won to pretend that he does not know about her father's cruelty.

Meanwhile, police officer Han Woo-tak begins having precognitive dreams after Jae-chan saves him from getting killed in the Valentine's Day car accident. In his first dream while sleeping in their patrol car, he sees himself arresting a high school boy (Seung-won), who was pleading for innocence, and Jae-chan screaming to the police to set the boy free. Just in time, he sees Jae-chan and Hong-joo running through the streets. Sensing that the dream is about to come true, he follows them to the Park residence.

Woo-tak is amazed that his dream is already happening exactly as it is, except that he was having a meal with Jae-chan, not Kyung-han. Jae-chan overhears the conversation between Yoo-beom, So-yoon, and Geum-sook, and just before the accident happens, Jae-chan intervenes in the argument and promises So-yoon and Geum-sook that he will prosecute Jun-mo in every way he can. Woo-tak learns from Jae-chan and Hong-joo about their precognitive dreams although the trio are still curious about why, out of the many people around them, they were the ones chosen to have such dreams.

Meanwhile, Hong-joo has long been discomfited by one recurring dream, which shows herself wearing a blue jacket-like field reporter's uniform and lying apparently dead on a grassy terrain during a rainy night. It was the dream which compelled her to leave her job as a field reporter in SBC and to work alongside her mother in their restaurant.

Meanwhile, Jae-chan dreams of himself and Hong-joo watching the latter reporting on TV that a man named Kang Dae-hee was proven guilty of killing both of his younger brother and younger sister for their insurance money and consequently sentenced to life imprisonment. The next day, during a meeting between him and his colleagues, Jae-chan learns at the prosecution office that Dae-hee is already accused of killing his younger brother for the insurance, and that Dae-hee's younger sister (Cho-hee) is still alive. At her work, Hong-joo began covering a serial poisoning case of about 100 cats around Seoul.

At the same time, Soo-kyung's housekeeper, whom Jae-chan was interrogating as a witness, also mentions of a robot vacuum cleaner which, according to Inspector Choi, was not found among the items inside the victim's residence. Putting the clues together, however, Inspector Choi infers that Soo-kyung could have fainted due to her otolithiasis and lost a lot of blood out of a head injury upon her fall, while the robot vacuum cleaner ran over the pool of blood, created the pattern on the floor, and strayed outside the house (making the inspection team unable to retrieve it).

After shooting Jae-chan, Yoo Man-ho finds Woo-tak and Hak-young and attempts to ram them with his car. As Woo-tak and Hak-young were about to get killed, the police apprehend Yoo Man-ho but finds him unconscious inside his car. Jae-chan is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment and he fortunately improves from his injury. Man-ho is also confined to the hospital due to his worsening pancreatic cancer. Yoo-beom is also brought in by the prosecution for interrogation for instigating Yoo Man-ho to assassinate Jae-chan, in which Yoo-beom accused the prosecution for fabricating the evidence that it was the robot cleaner who ran over Soo-kyung's blood pool and created the pattern in order to irresponsibly clear Hak-young's name. The prosecutors looking at the interrogation from another room, including Yoo-beom's former colleagues, had begin to realise Yoo-beom's true colours.

Thirteen years ago, the deaths of Hong-joo's father and Jae-chan's father were given the same funeral, since their deaths happened at the same day and from the same culprit. It was during the funeral when Hong-joo, a.k.a. Bamtori, met Jae-chan. Teenagers Hong-joo and Jae-chan ran into a teary-eyed police officer, who was the culprit's older brother. The policeman, who was also Chief Jung's subordinate, asked for forgiveness but the bereaved teenagers rebuked him. Deeply ashamed of his younger brother's crimes, the policeman ran away and attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in a lake. Jae-chan decided to save the policeman with Hong-joo's help, but while he was underwater Hong-joo hesitated out of her anger towards the policeman. As Jae-chan and the policeman were about to completely drown, Hong-joo rids herself of all resentment and pulls them out of the water. Because of these bad memories, especially of nearly killing Jae-chan in the lake, Hong-joo hesitates to wear the ring Jae-chan gave her. Feeling sad about it, Hong-joo reveals to Jae-chan what really happened at the lake, telling him that it pains her to see him, the boy she nearly killed.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Yoo-beom receives a call from a new client, professor-novelist Moon Tae-min (Ryu Tae-ho) who has recently finished his launch party for his new book. During this party, his teaching assistant Lee Hwan (Moon Yong-suk) revealed his being abusive to his students and subordinates. Professor Moon then secretly strangled Lee Hwan and pushed him down a derelict elevator shaft. With the crime finished, Professor Moon becomes apprehensive when he notices a child's cap lying nearby on the floor, implying that someone saw him killing his teaching assistant. The victim is already brain-dead in the hospital, can ultimately die within a week, and is a prospective organ donor to seven patients, while the witness is a five-year-old kindergartner.

In line with Professor Moon's case, Hong-joo and Woo-tak both dream of Jae-chan resigning from his job. In Hong-joo's dream, Jae-chan conducts an autopsy and successfully prosecutes Professor Moon, but the seven patients waiting for the transplant perish in return. In Woo-tak's version, Jae-chan agrees with the organ transplant and reveals in court that Professor Moon is the culprit, but with no autopsy done, Professor Moon is acquitted from the murder charge while Lee Hwan's father (Kim Ki-cheon) blames Jae-chan for Professor Moon's release.

Jae-chan begins with the lawsuit against Professor Moon. While Yoo-beom kept on asserting Professor Moon's innocence, Jae-chan interrogates the kindergartner, using childlike language to establish rapport with the child. With the help of senior prosecutor Son Woo-joo (Bae Hae-sun), the credibility of the autopsy results and the possibility of a transplant be done before an autopsy were proven.

Meanwhile, Jae-chan receives from his younger brother Seung-won the last will of Dr. Myung Yi-suk, the father of Seung-won's classmate Myung Dae-gu and the supposed culprit of an intravenous drip serial killing case of 11 hospital patients. Years ago, it was Yoo-beom who handled the case when he was still a prosecutor, and the case earned him an award from the Public Prosecutor General. Recently, Myung Yi-suk, who was subsequently convicted and punished with a life sentence, committed suicide inside his prison cell and left a note saying that he was falsely accused of the crime.

While being rushed with Hong-joo to the hospital, Jae-chan wonders how Inspector Choi managed to find them. Upon reporting back to their works, Jae-chan and Hong-joo learns that the remaining eight patients in the 19 photos were killed after Myung Yi-suk's arrest, further proving the existence of a real culprit, which they infer also as the culprit behind the arson that nearly killed them. Jae-chan and another senior prosecutor Lee Ji-kwang (Min Sung-wook) are instructed to reinvestigate the intravenous drip serial killing case, while Prosecutors Son and Shin are directed to inspect the arson case. With the reopening of the IV drip killings, it is assumed that there is an error in Yoo-beom and Inspector Choi's investigation, but Jae-chan strongly believes in Inspector Choi's innocence.

Joo-an discloses to Yoo-beom her bitter past which lead her to doing such a heinous crime. She was a bed-ridden patient having Crohn's disease, and she utterly despised her fellow patients who were already being discharged from the hospital. Even though she knew it was extremely evil, she injected her first 11 victims with fatal amounts of Vecaron and, after Myung Yi-suk's arrest, killed in the same manner the remaining eight. She did not even care if she will be punished, but with Yoo-beom prosecuting another person instead of her, she sensed a feeling of hope for the first time. Now that the case is being reinvestigated, she knew the Yoo-beom's fame as a lawyer may be ruined soon, and during the whole conversation, Joo-an was remorseless about the deaths of the 19 innocent people whom she murdered. Completely distraught, Yoo-beom plans to put Hong-joo in a trap so that the secret of the case will only be kept between him and Joo-an. 59ce067264


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