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Jurassic The Hunted

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The last official sighting of a Tasmanian tiger in the wild occurred in 1930, when it was shot by a farmer. The marsupials, formally known as thylacines, were hunted to extinction by European settlers who considered them a threat to their sheep and poultry. However, the 6ft-long creatures may reappear if a group of biotechnologists have their way.

Birds are of enormous value to humanity because of their destruction of insect pests and weed seeds. Many are useful as scavengers. The game birds hunted for food and sport include grouse, pheasant, quail, duck, and plover. The chief domestic birds are the chicken (see poultry), duck, goose, turkey, and guinea fowl. Parrots and many members of the finch family are kept as pets.

Extreme Dinosaurs 18 July 2002Dinosaurs just got bigger. Huge plant- and meat-eaters unearthed in Argentina offer evidence that the mega-carnivores hunted together in packs (repeat).Keywords PALAEONTOLOGY, FOSSILS, MEGADINOSAURS, CANADA, PATAGONIA

Next year, he will introduce a trial enclosure filled with elk and wild boar, along with some roe and seeka deer. He aims to bring back wolves (hunted to extinction in 1743), bears (driven out 900 years ago), lynx and European bison within four years. He is also keen to plant more Caledonian pine, juniper, hazel and round birch, and wants to reintroduce lichen and grasses. 59ce067264


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