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Ojo De Gallo Mycena Citricolor


Ojo De Gallo Mycena Citricolor

One of the biggest commodities in the world coffee (Coffea) is an extremely important crop to Costa Rica. There are many ways to manage this crop, however it is primarily shade-grown. Although it is the best method in which to conserve biodiversity, these conditions also promote the growth of Mycena citricolor. Also, known as American Leaf Spot disease, this fungal pathogen causes coffee plants to defoliate and lose their fruit. Four farms in Cañitas, Costa Rica were visited and 12 plants per farm were studied to determine the distribution of this fungus during the wet season. This study also compares the abundance of M. citricolor in the wet and to a previous study of the dry season. To do this, the number of spots on the leaves of each of 12 plants was counted. It was determined through an Index of Dispersion test that each plot possessed an aggregated distribution (p < 0.001). When a Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was performed, every farm showed a significant difference in the abundance of spots (p < 0.005) in the wet and the dry seasons. Una de las mayores mercancías en el mundo es el café (Coffea) y es un cultivo extremadamente importante para Costa Rica. Existen varias maneras de manejar este cultivo, sin embargo es principalmente cultivado en la sombra. Además es el mejor método para la conservación de la biodiversidad, estas condiciones también promueven el crecimiento de Mycena citricolor también conocido como Ojo de Gallo, este patógeno fúngico provoca defoliación y perdida de frutos. Cuatro plantaciones en Cañitas, Costa Rica fueron visitadas y 12 plantas por plantación fueron estudiadas para determinar la distribucion de este hongo durante la época lluviosa.

Mycena citricolor was induced to produce the perfect stage when grown in co-culture with Penicillium oxalicum, P. palitans, P. cyclopium, P. brevi-compactum, or P. viridicatum. Basidiocarp yield was highest when M. citricolor was grown in co-culture with P. oxalicum. A low percentage of field isolates of M. citricolor were able to produce some basidiocarps in mono-culture, but yield was greatly increased when this fungus was grown in co-culture with P. oxalicum. Other isolates of M. citricolor produced basidiocarps only when grown in co-culture with P. oxalicum. However, several other basidiomycetes failed to produce the perfect stage when grow in co-culture with P. oxalicum.

Mexico is one of the largest coffee producers in the world grown by small farmers in Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca and their families rely on the crop for their economic survival. Timorex Gold natural fungicide brings the coffee growers an effective solution to various diseases, such as the Coffee Rust (Hemileia vastatrix) or Ojo de Gallo (Mycena citricolor), among others. Timorex Gold stimulates the growth of new shoots and leaves, induces the formation of new tissue, strengthens photosynthetic capacity, and reduces stress and chemical load. The product can be used a few days before harvest. It may be used in tank mixes, in program rotation and as a stand-alone product. 59ce067264


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