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Lotus Evora Type 124

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Lotus Evora Type 124

In 2012, Lotus produced a prototype hybrid Evora, called 414E. Developed as a demonstration project for the UK Government's Technology Strategy Board, the range-extended electric coupe emits 55 g/km CO2 and has an electric only driving range of 30 miles.[21] When combined with the 3-cylinder 1.2-litre (1198 cc) petrol engine acting as a generator (as a similar manner to the Chevrolet Volt), the 414E has a range of 300 miles. The 414E formed the basis of the Infiniti Emerg-e concept car.[22]

For starters, let me tell you this isn't really a concept - not like, say, the Volkswagen I.D. Roomzz is a concept. I mean just look at it, for all intents and purposes it looks ready to race. It doesn't have cartoonishly large wheels or anything that could be considered out of order on a racing car. What it is, is the updated version of the Evora Cup GT4. The Cup GT4 model was based on the 2009 Lotus Evora Type 124 Prototype that previewed Lotus'ambitions to return to GT-based endurance racing. Now, the Evora looks meaner than ever, and we may see it race Stateside too, as well as in Europe.

proton owns lotus 100%. the reason the cars cost so much is because it is still imported, and is also niche, practically handmade, hi-tech lightly disguised racing car for the road. the evora on paper is supposed to compete in the same market as the porsche cayman.

yes it true, proton own 100% of lotus, why because it busines la.. wonder how to sell malaysian sport car who want to buy that why proton own lotus but manage by british people and some malaysian in the company.

for some reason, we hope proton can adopt the lotus engineering into production, but the lotus engineer will not be happy with such a transitions, proton only owns lotus, they do not own the expertise of the people working there. To ensure lotus keeps on movin, proton have the responsibility to push them further without taking much away from them. 59ce067264


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