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Tempting Fate (2019)

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Tempting Fate is the first of three Lifetime movies based on novels by Jane Green. The other movie adaptations aired shortly after are To Have and to Hold (2019) and Family Pictures (2019).

Murray, S. L., Griffin, D. W., Derrick, J. L., Harris, B., Aloni, M., & Leder, S. (2011). Tempting fate or inviting happiness Unrealistic idealization prevents the decline of marital satisfaction. Psychological Science, 22(5), 619-626. doi:10.1177/0956797611403155 (PDF)

The name itself has become shorthand for any wayward scientist regarded as tempting fate and challenging nature by trying to create life. The Chinese scientist He Jiankui sparked global outrage last year after he announced that he had created the world's first gene-edited human babies, rapidly earning the headline sobriquet The Chinese Frankenstein.

With his team leading the Cleveland Indians by three runs, the rookie Twins manager knew he was tempting fate by removing a hot pitcher in order to carry out a pitching plan that was orchestrated weeks in advance. 59ce067264


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