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I have an assortment of old 35mm slides dating back to the 1970s that I would like to clean up and scan. Any tips re cleaning up 35mm slides and scanning in quickly and cheaply (meeting Alamy control specifications). I'm guessing a flatbed scanner with a tranny hood but there might be better options these days

I've tried many of the methods mentioned. My least favorite was using my DSLR and the Nikon tube for copying. I had an old Nikon Coolscan that worked great for non-Kodachromes but it died a slow death. Now, like Chuck, I use an Epson flatbed scanner that is amazing for medium format film and so-so for 35mm film. It is slower than using the DSLR but better quality scans. I don't do large batches so slow is okay for me, especially for better results.

The flash tube in an illumitran is about 4 stops too bright even on low power (it's designed for very slow duplicating film) so ND lighting gels (very cheap on ebay) are required cut to 3" square to go under the white perspex diffuser. I also use an extra 5mm perspex diffuser to improve the evenness of illumination and never raise the flash stage above half way. A slight amount of vignetting is not noticeable for transparencies but not ideal for negatives, especially colour negatives. You can also replace the 12V 'Festoon' viewing bulbs with LED equivalents and and not use the flash at all. In theory you should worry about 'CRI' but actually I seem to get good results nevertheless.

Once setup with a good 6-element enlarging lens (ideally 60 - 80mm for 35mm) it is very quick to speed through transparencies. In my opinion a mirrorless camera body with a tilting screen is ideal, you can angle the screen towards you, it compensates for the 1.2ND filters and also generally fits easily on the bellows (big DSLRs are too deep below the lens but can be made to work with a longer enlarging lens and extension tubes so they sit above the bellows. I use a Fuji X-T2, works great. 59ce067264


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