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5 : The Lady's Training Session, With The Slimes

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In the workplace, assertiveness training is linked to reduced burnout and increased work commitment (Nakamura et al., 2017). When paired with self-confidence and respect for others, it can be the mark of a good, or even great, leader (Gallo, 2012).

Assertiveness training has proven valuable for building and maintaining relationships across all life domains and improving psychological wellbeing, with positive impacts on the following (Speed, Goldstein, & Goldfried, 2018):

Try combining running with other activities such as weight training, rowing, cycling, or hiking. Try to do some type of physical activity on most days of the week. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, those who are most effective at weight loss participate in 250 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week. 59ce067264


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