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Descargar Firmware Tablet Silver Max St-710 81

Download File =====

Note:*1:This article is only applicable to St-710 64GB with the firmware version of and later and St-710 128GB with the firmware version of and later. Please install the latest firmware update to the previous mentioned version first.

Note:*1:The following notes apply to the software update tool provided on the site only, and do not apply to other YI products, or to the firmware update procedure for the product that you are already owning.

How to update your GameSir X1 tablet to the latest firmware update.If you have updated to firmware version or later from the website, you have already updated to version or later.

The Download toolbox is an additional package that you should install on the Samsung Galaxy Mega S5360. It contains both the software application itself as well as a collection of additional tools which you should be able to use with it. We are able to download the installer-program by selecting the "Tools" submenu of the Application menu of the Samsung Galaxy Mega S5360, and then clicking "download toolbox" in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The installer will be saved to the root of the SD card in the format of a.ZIP-file. Installing a Samsung firmware update files on the Samsung Galaxy Mega S5360

Important notice for users of the Samsung S5360 The tool has detected that the SDXC card which contains the files for the firmware update is in use by the digital camera. If your digital camera is already connected to the computer, please disconnect it. 3d9ccd7d82


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