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Garage Storage Steel Rack Shelving 2.0m-wide 2000kg
  • Are you looking for storage solutions for small, medium, or extra large items? This long span shelving is versatile, expandable, and easy to install, and very affordable.

    This heavy duty shelving system utilizes gusseted joints on the vertical triangulation beams rather than simple tack-welds. This ensures that system will remain sturdy and secure even after years of regular use in commercial or home applications.

    L-Shaped cross beams give you superior strength and durability for all loading purposes and provide a secure locating slot for the shelf panels. The beams are precisely engineered to dimensions that ensure the shelf panels slot in place at the right height to give an even loading surface.

    All the uprights supplied are double-width with two slotted edges. This means that you can further extend any of our bays on either side with additional shelving later on.

    • Height: 2.0m
    • Width: 2.0m
    • Depth: 60cm
    • All-steel construction
    • All sections powder coated steel
    • Easy to erect and reconfigure
    • Legs can be bolted to the floor
    • Large Cross section beams for durability
    • Reinforced shelves with steel beams
    • Strong 10-point welded joints
    • Safety pins for added safety
    • All uprights are double-edged
    • Interlock extendable for future expansion
    • Load/shelf: 500kg
    • Load/bay: 2000kg
    • Total load: 2000kg

    • Material: Heavy Gauge Steel
    • Size: 1 Bay (2.0m wide)
    • Type: Heavy Duty Garage/Warehoue Storage Shelving
    • Max Weight Cap: 2000kg (Rated)
    • Overall Height: 2 meters
    • Shelf Size: 2.0m (w) x 0.6m (d) - Rated Load - 500kg
    • Assembly: Easy to configure and install

    • 2 x Uprights
    • 8 x Steel Shelves (2 per level)
    • 8 x Horizontal Beams (2 per level)
    • 16 x Interlocking Pins
    • Carton Dimensions:
    • 2.0m x 0.6m x 0.5m - 91kg

    Garage Storage Steel Rack Shelving 2.0m-wide 2000kg

    SKU: ls-500
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