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Kahuna Trampoline LED Basketball Hoop Set with Light-Up Ball
  • Turn your kid's trampoline into a basketball arena with Kahuna's LED basketball hoop set. The rim of this basketball hoop lights up every time you score, giving you and your kids instant feedback. Used with a bouncy trampoline, it's the most exciting way to encourage future basketball champions!

    This light-up trampoline basketball hoop will inspire kids to dunk like the pros, giving them plenty of shooting action even during nighttime. It has a sensor-activated LED strip that flashes in different colours and combinations for the best kids trampoline sessions.

    It's not just the rim that lights up, either! This set comes with a mini basketball that flashes with every bounce, so your kids can enjoy even more awesome plays from inside their bouncy trampoline.

    This LED basketball hoop set comes with a sturdy backboard that can be attached to any of your trampoline's safety enclosure poles. Check your trampoline model before purchasing - this LED basketball hoop set can only be installed on Kahuna Classic, Rainbow, Pro, Rectangular, and Oval trampolines. It also cannot be used while a roof shade cover is attached to your kids trampoline.

    From shooting practice on a 6ft trampoline to awesome dunks on a 16ft one - this LED basketball ring set is sure to make any child go ''wow''!

    • Sensor activated LEDs
    • LED Basketball (lights up in the dark)
    • Padded rim
    • Compatible pole size: 25 - 35mm

    • 1 x Backboard
    • 1 x Basket ring
    • 1 x LED Kit
    • 1 x Ball
    • 1 x Pump
    • Mounting brackets

    Kahuna Trampoline LED Basketball Hoop Set with Light-Up Ball

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