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200pcs Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Toilet Training Pads 60x60cm
  • Descriptions:
    Our absorb Plus charcoal pee pads offer maximum absorption and odour control thanks to the activated charcoal and bamboo.Help your dog avoid accidents and will keep your floors clean and urine free.
    Super absorbent: 6 layers of protection, can contain 2 to 8 cups of liquid
    Leak proof: waterproof polyethylene base layer
    Soft and non-woven fabric surface
    Absorbent polymer core turns urine into gel instantly, preventing tracking

    How to use a dog pad:
    Unfold and place the pad, plastic side down, in a confined area, away from your dog's bed and food.
    Place your dog on the pad several times so he can smell the pad and get used to it.
    While your dog is eliminating on the pad, use a phrase like 'go potty' so that eventually you can use the command and your dog will understand what it means.
    Immediately after the dog eliminates on the pad, reward him with praise and a treat.
    If your dog has an accident, bring him back to the pad immediately. Continue bringing your dog back to the pad to reinforce that this is the place to go potty.
    Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed.To complete house training, gradually move the pad closer to the door and finally outside.

    Material: Non-woven fabric
    Size: 60x60cm
    Quantity: 200pc

    Package Content:
    200x puppy training pads

    200pcs Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Toilet Training Pads 60x60cm

    Artikelnummer: 69_dk0109-200
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